Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July!

We started out our holiday with some delicious pancakes of course!  I didn't take pictures of them but they were really good!  After breakfast, we walked down to the parade.  There is a definite advantage to living in provo on the Fourth of July.  We can walk to all the fun stuff and not have to deal with the nightmare of parking!

Olivia decided that being carried was the way she wanted to go to the parade.  With her sunglasses on of course!

The busy morning tuckered her out and she hopped in bed with some books.  She took a very relaxing 3 hour nap!

After she woke up, we walked down to the freedom festival and looked around at all the booths and yummy food they had to offer.  I had to get a texas twister.  It's this delicious drink that they always sell at these things and I love it!  Nate tried some Hawaiian chicken and rice bowl that was pretty good too.  

It was a HOT day!  So once we got back home, Olivia and I broke out the pool while Daddy got the BBQ going.  He snuck some pictures when we weren't looking.

We grilled Ribeyes, squash, and some Kneaders bread.  By the way, if you've never had grilled sourdough, you really ought to try it.  It is SOOO yummy!

The final photo of our steaks.  This Fourth of July dinner was definitely holiday worthy!  Nate really outdid himself once again!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove does Strawberry Days every year and I've always thought it would be fun to go but just never actually managed to figure out when it was actually happening or where or just got my butt out the door.  So this year I told Nate that we were going to make it happen.  And we did!  I couldn't actually go on any of the cool rides but I got a funnel cake and watched Nate take Olivia on some rides.  It sure was fun!

I'm not sure if the video will work or not, but it was Nate taking Olivia down the giant slide on a burlap sack.  Olivia LOVED it and kept asking for "more more!"

 Nate also took her on the Carousel like 4 times.  She really didn't look like she was enjoying it that much because she had a straight face the entire ride but every time it ended she just wanted back on!

Nate hopped on the horse with her for this time around :)

And of course, Nate shared an ice cream cone with Olivia.  He's such a sucker for her adorable "please" and loves to give her everything she wants.  He's the cutest Daddy ever.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Selfies

Ok this started out with me just thinking my outfit was cute this particular sunday and wanting to document my 19 week belly.  Ok mostly, I look good and wanted everyone to know it.

And then Nate thought it would be really funny to take one of his own!  

So that's the story of why we both took Sunday selfies in the church bathroom.  We're so funny!

Playing on the iPad....

Nate was entertaining Olivia with the iPad's camera one day so I could get a few things done.  I just thought the pictures that came from it were too funny not to share!  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

We've Been Busy!

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in all of the day to day activities that it's hard to remember that you've actually had lots of fun doing things until you look back through your pictures.  At least that's how I seem to be right now.  Maybe it's pregnancy brain....  That is a very real and very frustrating condition associated with being pregnant!  Anyways, let's talk about what the Breneman's were up to in June!

We went to Costco, of course Olivia wanted everyone there to know how cute she looks in sunglasses.  She wore them the entire time, even while sampling ice cream.

After the ice cream, she was feeling tired from all that cuteness she has to maintain so she laid down in the cart.

 We went to a wedding for a good friend of Nate's.  I really didn't take very many pictures at the wedding which is a bummer because it was beautiful!  Oh well, here's Olivia playing outside the Salt Lake temple while we waited for the bride and groom.

And here we are later at the reception.  Olivia loved these dangling orbs

 And here is Olivia just right in her element.  Sitting on my bed, eating the shredded cheese.  There is no time for etiquette when there's cheese to be had!

Nate took me shopping because we figured it was time I admit that I'm pregnant and that I don't fit into my regular clothes like I often pretend I do....  Olivia made a bee line for this pink purse she found in the store and had a whole sleeve of bracelets on her arm until I made her put them back.  I let her wear the purse for a while though.  She LOVES purses and has been a little obsessed with wearing them whenever she can find one!  Her outfit was just complete when the stepped into these cute wedges.  My little stinker is definitely embracing her feminine side :)

This was after my 20 week ultrasound.  Nate had a meeting and ended up not being able to go with me so it was just Olivia there to see her baby sister on the screen.  Since I was such a good girl and held very still while they did my ultrasound, Olivia took me out to lunch on the way home.  She's such a thoughtful girl.  

Olivia's big girl bed!  With a baby sister on the way, it's time for Olivia to adjust to some new sleeping arrangements.  There have been some definite struggles with this but overall she has been doing pretty great.  The biggest hardship is that because she can, she likes to get out of bed and do other things.  Of course, she eventually does get tired and fall asleep, but not always in her bed.  Silly girl.

 I have more pictures from the last month but decided that those warrant blog posts of their own.  More posts coming soon!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Baby Breneman #2 Is A......

We know, we know, everyone is DYING to know whether Baby Breneman #2 is a Janie or a Jack!  Wonder no more!

Hmmm...... Boy or Girl?






Looks like this family will be buying pink for a little while longer!  We are so happy to be inviting another precious baby girl into our Family this November and we're pretty certain that Olivia will make the adjustment fairly well.  I was (not so secretly) hoping for a boy at first but the more I think about how wonderful our lives have been with one girl, the more excited I get about having another one.  Nate and I are very excited about this next step we are taking together!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Olivia Loves the Camera

One of Olivia's favorite pastimes is turning the iPad camera to face her and watching her goofy little face on the screen. You'd think she would enjoy the mirror just the same but she prefers the iPad. Sometimes I take pictures of her checking herself out cause I think it's so funny. Here are a few from the other morning when she was putting on her lips. 

Sorry the pictures are all skiwampus... I can't figure out how to fix it. Also pretend like you don't notice my day old slept in make up face :P